Thursday, 20 August 2015

Changing attitudes.

I am not a member of the Labour Party but I have been interested in the forthcoming election. The way the media are delving into the lives of the candidates should have been expected....but I have started to feel sorry for the front runner.

We have all done stupid things in our path to old age....

To try to explain why twenty years ago you met someone and had a conversation with people who have since become despised for their views and deeds is difficult. Hindsight is a wonderful thing...we have probably all said and done things In the past best not examined in the cold light of today.

That attitudes change is never more obvious than today when we see the number of people accused of molesting children. In the sixties and seventies people had astonishingly different attitudes towards gratifying their sexual preferences...

Attitudes change....what was acceptable forty years ago is not today! But in the same way we will have travelled on to very different standards in the next forty it's surely time to establish a few moral rights and wrongs now.

As it happens there is already a document carved in stone that covers the ethics we need to uphold in these times of bewildering multiplicity of belief.

You don't have to be either Jewish or Christian to observe these rules..they are a good set of ethics that would fit a twenty first century body of people, either in government or in a family group......

The Ten Commandments as laid down by Moses all those years ago covers everything...their simplicity is their beauty....we would be a very different modern world if we at least tried to keep them safe in our hearts..


I hope the candidates for the leadership of the Labour Party are not hurt by the media in the race they are all running... I have the same hopes for all the other parties whose aim is to one day govern the country...

Democracy has never been more relevant in our changing person , one vote.

Whatever happens before the Autumnal series of party conferences looming large on our horizons actually happen I pray that not too many people get hurt in the process.

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  1. I haven't paid much attention to the vote for Labour leader, apart from reading up on the candidates. Mr Corbyn appears on the surface to be as good a candidate of any, particularly if you're keen on traditional Labour views and policies. I'm afraid that the others have merged into a blur, all coming from the Centre right of the Party, and in my view, all tainted by their association with Tony Blair and his successor(s).

    For me, the ideal Labour Leader would have been Alan Johnson, who unfortunately lost his seat in the General election. He was to me, the most likable and moderate of all of those I had any idea off in politics in general and Labour in particular.

    He is married to one of the contenders Y Cooper, so I suspect that if she wins, his moderating influence will still be in evidence.

    Mr Corbyn appears to be the bookies favourite, but I wouldn't place a quid on him - elections are funny old things, as the media and PR and Opinion polls demonstrated during the recent general election. People said one thing and than did another.

    The old saying that we get the government that we deserve, rather than the one we need seems to hold true.