Sunday, 2 August 2015

Chaos ensuing....

Waking early this morning I groaned.
In the greater scheme of things lots of things should have been done whilst I was away. I had made my plans with care. The man coming to paint my white house was to do it whilst I was in Norway.
At the same time my car was having its annual make over in the body shop. By the time I was home the car should have been waiting outside the gleaming house!
Oh dear. The painter is coming to start this the scaffolding has yet to be  erected! My car is still abut 25 miles away due to an unfortunate accident. None of my plans have worked in my absence so it's going to be an interesting few days!
Add to that the number of visitors who will arrive this morning and I am glad I got a lot done yesterday including my Tesco shop which will be delivered in the middle of chaos.....
Things are back to a sort of normal...and I refuse to even think about getting my car MOT'd in the middle of it all now the local garage has closed.
Once more into the will all get done in the fullness of time...I am just praying it's going to be easier than it looks at the moment!
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