Thursday, 20 August 2015

Green energy.

Today I am urged to vote for a plan to keep our lovely peninsula quiet, untouched and hopefully to stay just as it is for the next generation to enjoy as we do.

Having read the proposals I find myself unable to vote in favour of it because of one ban all wind turbines!

I know the various wind pylons to be seen in the distance are hated by many ...but they are being redesigned to make them more acceptable and I actually love them for their sturdy grace .

Here in Tregear Vean we have a large garden, cow pasture until a few years ago. I live in the old Farmhouse. It is very windy here being the highest point for miles around so when my husband asked about having a wind turbine in the garden screams of derision rent the air!

In fact David had got the measurements from his old firm and it would have been unseen from the road..

Add to that the fact that in the good old days of yore this farm would have had a windmill as the road outside rejoices in the name of Windmill Hill! The fact that it would have been a picturesque old wooden job is irrelevant....a useful machine to provide power when needed it certainly would have been!

David would have gladly provided electricity to our neighbours free of charge .

In this day and age of finding alternatives to fossil fuel burning we do have to try to look forward to the land our children will we really want to be the selfish generation that used up all our children's resources?

The solar panels on my roof provide me with enough electricity to pay for my consumption through the year...

I am doing my best to be green in every way open to I can't go out and vote for a plan devoted to keeping everything just as it always was...

We the custodians of this glorious earth have done much already to contribute to climate using up the free energy offered by the sun and the wind we owe it to future generations to leave them a pleasant place and one using the renewable resources all around us.

And don't get me going on fracking!


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  1. I admire your fortitude. I wouldn't vote for something which prevents renewable energy being developed. A huge wind turbine has been installed on the river Thames, in direct line of site of our house (we too are at the top of a hill) so, can see it clearly. Some people objected, but it's actually providing essential power to some small, local industries, which employ several hundred people, so, keeping costs down to enable them to do their job.

    I would love to have solar panels on our roof, but we're in a conservation area of old, victorian working class cottages. And the terraces are considered by the council heritage advisers to need conserving. We've had problems over the years due to our building a porch (before the conservation area was declared), trying to make us take it down. And when we wanted to restore Victorian style, wooden, sash windows with double glazing (previous occupiers had taken them out and replaced them with modern, single glazed units). We were refused planning permission, but were told we could install like for like. So, we shed the single glaze units and installed double glazed units, which mirrored them - not the solution that we wanted.

    Sometimes I despair of the so called heritage advisers, who seem to hold the council planning department to ransom. I'd love to live in a Victorian Museum, but modern living needs to allow us to live in a contemporary way. If the council had it's way, we'd still be living int he 1890's :(