Sunday, 9 August 2015

Knees and such

Those of us who hale from the north have our own way of talking to each other....I haven't actually lived up there since the seventies but a northern accent still caches my attention....

I am not sure what the criteria for cruise liners is but the moment on the Queen Mary when I realised I'd been put on a dinner table with eight widows still stays with me and not in a good way!

What the Fred boats do to sort out the wheat from the chaff is still unclear but everyone on the dinner table this time was a northerner. And we all got on very well...spoke the same language and enjoyed the various facilities being offered.

The bloke I got on best with was a lad from Blackpool which was where my mum lived in her declining years. We met over lunch one day and he turned up on all the outings and made it his job to look after me, getting me to the right place at the right time...

It was good to have a companion and when we bumped into each other on the boat I teased him a little about his knees when he appeared in shorts on one of our sea days...

He took it in good part..I was a fair bit older than him so it was clear that neither of us was interested in taking the friendship any further...It was never going to be a ship board romance!

One day walking around the deck I spotted him some distance away talking to another man. As I approached I said

"I'd know those scraggy knees anywhere. " When he turned round it wasn't him! The poor man looked most affronted.

I apologised profusely....and finally all was well.

Five minutes later inside I saw the real lad from Blackpool and told him about my encounter.....still laughing.

"Good grief I can't take you anywhere!'

We laughed a lot, spoke almost the same language and parted on good terms...

I shan't see him again but it was good to know that us northerners stick together in times of hilarity and exploration.


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