Sunday, 2 August 2015


Today I have no services. I just have a house full of things in the wrong place! Last night I used the chair lift lots of times to get stuff back's now all piled on the spare bed!

The house and garden are looking wonderful.....but tomorrow the man arrives to start painting the outside of the house! Pots need to be moved!

I have no's been in the body shop whilst I've been away....and is still there...hopefully coming home tomorrow!

Getting everything back to normal is the first major task. Except normal is a state I don't recognise right now.

I had such a good holiday and part of that was always having people to talk to and laugh with. Grief greeted me at the door. I have wept not just for David but for my son, my daughter and my dogs...

Strange how happiness can become misery in an instant with a passing glance or sound....

The driver who got me as far as Somerset has a holiday booked in the next village this month and obviously knows the place very well...I have promised to wave at him as I go and brought him up to date with all the variations to the village that have happened since he was last here...

I have commitments here I am aware of...and I'm going to be busy very soon...but today is a reflective time...once I've got the big suitcase up the stairs....

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  1. Good to have you back - but returning to an empty house after constant company is a shock to the system and a reminder of those we've lost and how much we shared

    I can recall, when my wife was very ill a year or so ago and coming home to an empty house, but I had the cats to console and for them to console me. I could ring friends and talk about how I felt. I could confide my my Vicar and my Spiritual Director, all at end of a phone, but the house was still empty.

    Her precious presence was absent and I didn't know it she would come home? I thank God that she did, but it brought me up short to consider how it might be or have been. Now, every day together is valued and lived in love, because, we don't know when we will be alone permanently.