Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Moving to a different drum.

After a wonderful holiday when I resumed "normal" life I seem to have returned to chaos! The people painting my house knocked off last night because it's going to rain today,
The last phone call yesterday to the garage led me into into a whole new area. They have no idea why my car stopped dead. I am not going into all the various remedies they are going to try....suffice it to say that at the moment I have a dead car twenty five miles away....
I found myself praying last night and then stopped. I really can't pray for a car! It is an inanimate object.....very inanimate just now and praying for its recovery seems absurd!
Offers of lifts have been made for which I'm very grateful but I fear I am becoming someone who relies on the goodness of others....and I don't like it!
My time away marked a return to the woman I always was.....with lots of laughter and good conversation....
Now back at home I am back to introspective anxiety.
All the plans I made have failed....I am back to moving to another over which I have no control...
It's all very familiar....I can do this but I am still hoping to get my car back in good health before the weekend... God willing...
The drum has taken on a much more up beat  noise. My car comes home tomorrow....after having cost me an arm and a leg!
The alternater has gone , burned out the battery in the process and an MOT has been done so a set of new tyres are also being added! I may need to remortgage the house!
This all sounds very drastic and expensive but at least my car will be back for the weekend!  
If I cut out eating and drinking all may be well!
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