Monday, 24 August 2015

One more week!

Out to lunch yesterday it was obvious that Cornwall has enjoyed a good season....just finding a parking spot took about quarter of an hour....a good lunch was then eaten punctuated by greetings from old friends and acquaintances .
The theme was that of thanksgiving....we have had a good summer. Reasonable weather has meant very many people have opted to spend their time here and we are still full.....but the end is now in sight....Bank holiday next weekend will begin the exodus...
When I was one of these visitors with my children we would hang on for as long as possible. Once we'd dismantled our tents or caravan we used to spend our last day at a hotel which had a swimming pool.....
Finally the children tired but happy we would travel north in the evening...after the massive queues had eased off.
I never in those days dreamed that the locals would be relieved at our departure so now it comes as a bit of a surprise to find us counting down. "Only one more week to go! "
This sentence was heard all through lunch.....and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would one day feel the same way.
But I do....we love our visitors of course but suddenly getting our roads and shops back again is simply wonderful!
September is the very best month here with golden weather, empty beaches, clearer roads and full congregations. Our August visitors do not fill the churches but our September ones's time for the retired visitors ...old friends turning up with room and time to explore the beauty all around us...
Alleluia! Just one more week to go! I hope it's a good one! I never thought I would feel like this. It's not without its guilt...but everyone here is on mental count down....hooray! Bring on the golden oldies!


  1. Apologies, have posted a comment to this blog in the previous day's, not sure how one transfers it to the right day.

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  2. I've managed swap it over but it's in my name not yours
    , If I'd known you were in Falmouth I could have waved! My house is the white one you see on the skyline from there. But I'm glad you had such a great time here....
    We drove back from Cornwall last Friday, we had stayed two nights in Looe, then three nights in Falmouth. Although it wasn't the best of weather that didn't matter, (we are not beach people) we met up with former colleagues of Ian's from different times and places. To our amazement both guys had met in Falmouth and realised they both had worked with Ian. One of them is an architect, he is going to be working for the other.

    We found no animosity or resentment from local people, just helpfulness and friendliness, even in the hotel which was part of the Best Western chain.
    We do try to patronise small local businesses, particularly impressed with Cinnamon Cafe in the High Street, both the street and cafe were a gem that we only discovered on the last day, both need more publicity.

  3. I was talking to someone who loves Cornwall (from a distance) and who only goes in off peak seasons times. They know your area quite well as they have family in Falmouth and were brought up nearby.

    They say exactly the same as you. The best times for visiting are before Easter (well before) and after the exodus of the August bank holiday.

    We ourselves have been several times, once in the Spring and Autumn, as well as innumerable visits over the years to Army Training sites at Penhale in particulary but Newquay and Exmoor features as well. I think that I've walked the length and breadth of it over the years, since my tour in Plymouth in the last sixties, right up too the year before my retirement in 2007.

    Happy days.