Thursday, 13 August 2015

Parking problems.

I have to pop into the village this morning....I am also expecting a delivery of a new phone. Trying to find the right time to slip out is proving difficult...parking is always problematic in August.

During the rest of the year we just pop in and out finding easy places to park for half an hour or so..but these places are clogged during the busiest time of the year...

In my car I have a notice that announces that Rev Jean Rolt is visiting...

So far this has worked....I have yet to be caught but I can't rely on this .

When my little Beetle went to David's grandson my last notice went with the car! They tell me they have often been tempted to use it but haven't done yet! When they are visiting here this temptation grows strong at this time of the year....

I would only use the notice if I had an urgent visit to make or a service on a non Sunday day...but neither of those conditions apply today...I just need to get some cash from the machine which during the worst of the storms last year filled with sea water.

It's situated at a tiny bank right on the sea wall...very easy during the quiet season but difficult when as now the village is full!

We are all glad to see so many visitors. We need the boost to the economy here's just that planning a trip that only takes minutes out of the season can take hours in August!

In the old days, having been one of those visitors I am now grumbling about it never entered my head that the residents could find it hard to get around...

I have to try....but in the past having failed to find a parking place I have driven straight through and come home minus what I went in today I'm starting early!

In theory they are all having breakfast. We shall see!




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