Sunday, 16 August 2015


Nothing happened at the weekend that should have happened.......I am getting used to this. When my plans do work out it tends to be a bit of a surprise....

Several things are planned for today but how many of them will actually happen remains to be seen!

I am hoping the house painting will draw to a graceful conclusion. The house is transformed....guttering has been fixed , rotting bits of wood replaced, doors varnished as is the wooden cross on the iron gate.

I am delighted and will miss the daily arrivals of the men! However other plans now need to be resolved.

The weather is glorious....and the garden furniture , dumped into odd places a week ago has to be replaced...

This is proving an interesting experiment. Until very recently the chairs were all placed in the sunniest spots. Now, as I can't sit in sunshine too much I find myself planning to put things in the shade!

The very large wooden table for instance is now under the horse chestnut tree so mostly in dappled shade. It suits me there now so I have to ask the painters not to put it back to its former position....

The knowledge of the skin cancer has completely re shaped so many details of my life that I've taken for granted for years that now I'm planning a very different way of celebrating summer! This is not a problem. In my last years it hardly matters if I am pale and interesting in the greater scheme of things...

If all goes well today by late afternoon I should be back to normal, the house gleaming, the car back in the drive, all the blokes gone!

Before they go I will talk Apple with the young man. He is the proud possessor of an Apple watch and on my new iPhone is an app to accommodate this weird thing. I am intrigued and have lots of questions popping into my head...

As well as painters this morning I have a Sainsburies delivery and my cleaner's going to be a busy morning...time to move! Onward and upwards!


  1. None of the above happened as planned. It was a very manic Monday morning.
    Finding the back door was rotting didn't help. Plus my broadband has been super slow.

  2. Oh dear. A new door is very expensive. And given the age of your house, probably made to measure is required.

    Our new Front door was made to measure. We live in a Victorian terrace, but all the doorways seem to be non-standard. Now it sticks in warm weather, but if we shave it down, it will allow drafts in in the winter - so, the back door is used much more :)

  3. The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agle - or something like that. But, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!!
    Plans, as I am sure you know, need to be flexible, and while some have a high degree of certainty, others have to be open ended.
    Life is too short to get worked up about plans which fail, unless they are critical, and even then you can't do much about it.
    Keep calm and carry on!!