Tuesday, 25 August 2015


I have I think mentioned my Timehop App on my iPad...it takes me back up to six years every day....some of the entries are sad , many are dull routine stuff but they always capture the prevailing mood of the time.....

The ones that contain photographs are especially wonderful!

Lots of pictures of David cutting the grass on his sit on lawn mower, getting ready for Henley wearing his boater , both of us snapped in exotic places...what made me weep last year often make me laugh now...

This picture of me taken six years ago is typical.

I was sitting outside church waiting for the bride to arrive. I have no idea what was making me laugh and the person who presented me with the photograph couldn't either...but it was obviously a good joke.

I thank the person who designed this app with all my heart....it lightens my mood most days and brings back wonderful memories.....

The collection of photographs from right round the world is safe on my computer but I would have to sift through them to be able to find this daily delight.... Thanks to all concerned.


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