Monday, 3 August 2015

Running out of swear words!

As an antidote to the euphoria I brought home from Iceland, today has taken the biscuit! " Oh dear " doesn't quite cover the present situation....but a lady does not use foul language. Not often anyway! The grand plan as outlined yesterday came even more unstuck today.

The car broke down on it's way home from the Body shop...a local garage run by a man I trust completely took it back to his garage and couldn't fix I rang the Mercedes garage David used....and after several complicated conversations I arranged for a recovery company to take it in tomorrow!

Are you still with me?

What ever happens now is going to be very expensive! I am feeling relieved that I didn't book another cruise on the Fred boat! But mainly I am anxious again on several different levels...

The painter is now coming tomorrow as well!

They can't guarantee fixing the car tomorrow but when it is ready it's a very long way from I will have to get a lift or a taxi! The whole thing is a nightmare. I wish I was still in Norway!

It proves just one thing....There is no point in my making complicated plans....and I do need a car. I am isolated here. Just walking along the road in August is fraught with danger....

They have talked me into a service plan....because a year or so ago David said I didn't need the AA anymore! Arghhhhh....Swear word deleted! "Oh dear " will have to do!



  1. It's a shame that your car is proving so unreliable Never sure about cars, but my miles are quite restricted these days - the years of trips around the M25 weekly are now distant memories.

    I have a 2nd hand car, new to me, with one or two dents, but mechanically sound. I'm hoping it will last for a few years to come as I don't plan to buy again just yet.

    I suspect you might invest in a smaller car, less complicated and with less to go wrong - or even as a second car for when the biggie fails again.

    1. I think it's me who is unreliable rather than the car. The one who used to let me gown regularly went ages ago...this is the first major failure.

    2. Down. Not gown...going even more dizzy!