Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sleeping in!

What joy.....I am having a lie in! This is almost unheard of these days but I have no services today. In the old days when I worked and had children I used to seldom get a day when it was possible to just stay asleep for a while. When I was able to have a good sleep , the screams of quarrelling children often woke me up!

Then I used to groan , pull the covers over my head and try to go back to sleep. I remember days when it was almost lunch time before I got up. I must have really needed the rest! Now, at liberty to lie in most days I hardly ever do it!

Having breakfast in bed was another great treat. I remember only a couple of occasions when I was mum did try a couple of times to produce a tray of toast! Anything cooked would been fraught with danger.

Always having a dog around made the whole idea of being brought food to bed a dodgy one...I would have had a fight on my hands as to who got the best titbits!

I miss my dogs and my children and my there is no one to even bring me a cup of tea in on days like today when there is nothing pressing I can get up slowly, shower , drink orange juice and wander around the garden quietly before coming back in to have coffee and a banana. I could have these in bed but there doesn't seem much point any more!

A long lie in is for people who work, who are up early every morning to get to a job. It's a catching up on a weeks sleep. Now I'm an old woman I can rest when the mood takes me...and I do...

Morning prayer has never been so leisurly. Thank you God!

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