Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Son of wart!

One of the places I had to go to yesterday was the doctors...

Having been nagged by people as diverse as my old dentist , my cleaner , Uncle Tom Cobbley and all I finally went!

My original wart has been replaced by a new small growth which I have been referring to as "son of wart " and I didn't want it to grow into a whole family....

My lovely doctor reassured me completely. The tiny new lump is not related to wart. He is the disrupted tear duct caused by the removal of I can relax!

He reaffirmed that I should wear sun screen and a big hat but this applies to everyone right now so I can live with that!

Apparently also the scar tissue which is almost gone will disappear completely in due course...

He beamed at me as he said all this and I came away euphoric...

I had gone expecting the worst and instead I got the best. Alleluia!



  1. Great news Jean. Anyone would expect the worst under your circumstances, and probably put off going to have your worst fears confirmed. In this case, a brilliant outcome.

    I have had the 'gypsies warning' from my doctor about some precancerous skin patches on my scalp, and like you, it is Sun screen and a hat - though I think I would baulk at a big floppy one with ribbons or flowers on :-)

    It is great to hear your good news and remember, the grockles will only be around in quantity for a few more days.

  2. Good news indeed Jean. Long live your wart-free epidermis.
    As for the grockles, well, having been one on the odd occasion I can understand why you will be happy to regain your territory before the next invasion.:-)