Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Staying home!

This is the worst day so far with the Internet connection...August Bank holiday is traditionally the busiest weekend of the year....and it seems to have started now!

Even opening a single email is taking minutes so I am unsure as to whether this will get through......

I have to go into the village this morning and will be using my Vicar notice to hopefully protect me.......

My visitors yesterday confirmed the huge numbers of people around and as it gets closer to the weekend it will get steadily worse...

My service on Sunday is in an inland village and although it will be busy it will be clear of the huge numbers we shall have here.

I am quietly thanking God this morning for the quiet haven which is Tregear Vean....visitors are welcome but I won't be going far during the next few days! But the good news is that the countdown is now in days not weeks!

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