Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Superfast or snail?

I am a very lucky woman. I live in a most beautiful place with glorious views out over the surrounding countryside and sea.

But I still don't have super fast broad band. I first registered an interest at least five years ago...now I am told there are no plans to connect this small group of four homes.

I can live with this....in August when the county is full my broadband speed was always very slow indeed. Now because everyone else for miles around has super fast I am able to connect more easily on snail mail. I can even play the odd game without fear of losing the connection half way through...so the advent of super fast for everyone else has helped!

Talk this morning of spending vast sums of money to connect those of us in remote rural locations has left me with a dilemma. All that money should surely be spent on those much less fortunate than me......and yet I know that won't , can't happen. Life isn't like that!

As well as being remote I have the joy of living with a water tower about a hundred yards away. This tower is also the radio mast and gives me an intermittent 3G service when all else fails...it's not good, it's very hit and miss but it's better than nothing when nothing else works...

Of course I would accept Superfast with joy.....playing backgammon and cribbage on line would be a pleasure rather than a frustration as it is now....but I am not sure that it's worth the huge amount of money that would be needed to do it!


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