Friday, 4 September 2015

Getting ready for winter.

We have travelled from summer to Autumn in a couple of's gone chilly!

I associate September with warm gentle sun....but it's very dull here and only about fifteen naturally last evening I tried the heating!

Eventually it switched on but it took a bit of juggling If not coaxing and took my memory back to the dreadful time we had when David was so ill a couple of years ago!

I clearly need to have the boiler serviced.....but this in itself terrifies me....the memory of so many people either arriving or failing to arrive in the past takes over my normal laid back approach to household problems...

Using people I trust in the house is the biggest problem...and until recently I have always employed the men David used....

Now I am seeing things through a different perspective....having people around me that I trust is important....and if I can like them as well this helps!

The men I have encountered recently treat me differently than the workmen David employed. I am not sure why....

My mind is now firmly focussed on the next winter and getting this old farmhouse ready for's no longer a daunting process...I am finding my own ways of dealing with it...hopefully...but I need to start with the heating...I hate getting cold but it's too soon for thermal underwear just yet!

With any luck it will warm up now the children are back in school....I hope so!

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