Sunday, 13 September 2015

Greeting the new season!

From a lovely day yesterday to deep midwinter today by the looks of it! It's dark, it's raining very hard and it's blowing! My first job this morning will be to go out to move the garden furniture to places of safety....
In the past the heavy wooden chairs have smashed into the summer house and on one occasion the door was blown off! I really should have moved everything into safe positions yesterday...but it was glorious!
Living here, high on a cliff has its joys but in bad weather it can be frightening!
Once again over the weekend it was suggested that it might be time for me to live elsewhere...but this is a move too far for me . Here is the garden I've made out of a field....the shrubs, fruit trees and rose hip hedges are my babies now. I need to see how they grow!
But this morning I know that all the fruit left on the trees will tumble onto the of my jobs will be to pick them up to make more pies!
I have the heating engineer coming this week to service my boiler...the new back door will also arrive, hopefully not on the same day!
As you can see my head is fast moving into the winter...We have shifted in a heartbeat from summer to Autumn and I am hoping for some golden days yet. It's already much quieter outside...lots of visitors departed over the weekend and this is the time for walking the cliffs as lonely as a cloud....
It's all part of living in Cornwall . I love it!
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