Friday, 11 September 2015

Just a short walk!

Yesterday did prove to be very a good way!

We started by walking one of our very long beachs...the tide was well out and the dog jumped all the rocks pools with gusto...which we walked round. The walk took over an hour but at the end was one of our favourite hotels....

The number of people having lunch outside was nothing short of amazing...small tables absolutely full of golden oldies thoroughly enjoying the sun. I kept my hat on...and so did my companion...

A leisurely light lunch was followed by much reminiscing and we stayed too long. By the time we returned to the beach the tide had come was impossible to return the same way.

We had to join the cliff path. It was not a hard walk...but by the time we reached the car I was days of cliff trecking are over!

Arriving back to his house my friend made me a cup of tea to drink in the sun , still wearing my hat!

And then I remembered my was his day and having no phone and no bank account he relies on the cash in hand every week I drove the ten miles home to give him a cold drink and his pay.

I then collapsed in a heap.

Today I am very tired....but was still better than going out to sea! ,

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