Tuesday, 1 September 2015

New year starting

September the golden month was always the start of a new school year when I was both a teacher and a mother...
Having spent at least a month in Cornwall it was the signal to get home as fast as possible to be ready to start school. I remember some fairly undignified scrambles , dashes out to the shops for various articles of clothing, and trying to become mentally prepared for the next great adventure....to see what the school year would bring for us all....the first of September was always more significant than the first of January in the old days.
" Do we have to mum? " was invariably followed by a quick nod of the head.
Life was hectic then in sharp contrast to the pool of calm I now live in.....
The pre school term meeting of teachers was always slightly fraught but it was good to greet old friends and colleagues with all our news and newly acquired brown faces...
Having now achieved the ultimate goal of not having to join in the queues along all the roads leading out of this county there is time to reflect . When we first started this love affair with the south west we used to stay in Sommerset, first on a farm and then in our tent. Camping meant we could stay the whole six weeks...absolute bliss!
We then stayed in Devon for a couple of years and then on to Cornwall. The North Coast for the surfing was our choice. I only discovered the joys of the gentler south Coast after I'd retired and my children grown up.
I've never regretted the move here in millennium year...it was the best thing I've ever done but on September mornings like this, golden sunlight illuminating everything my head carries me back to Lancashire., to school, to a different way of life for us all.
It's both the penalty and the joy of getting old...and infinitely better than the alternative....thank you God!
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