Saturday, 26 September 2015

Happy New Year.

I got my 2016 diary yesterday....
A variety of church diaries are available to the clergy. Some are very big , about the size of a heavy dictionary.
When I was first ordained this big book was the one I opted to carry around with me..
It did the job perfectly but it was heavy and took up a lot of room in my bag....
After a couple of years I decided to try a smaller version . I looked at several different ones in the local SPCK...
As well as being able to record forthcoming events it held a small lectionary...gave details of where we are in the church year and has room to note several appointments in any one day...
I bought one of each that year, still believing that for funerals and weddings I would need to be able to make whole pages of notes...
By the end of the year I realised that I had only used the small diary..
It fits nicely into a pocket..or a small handbag. I have now a collection of these useful little books. They are in a row on one of my bookcases, easily accessed when I need an old phone number, or check someone's new surname...
The one that arrived yesterday looks exactly like all the others..and that is a comfort in this rapidly changing world..but there is one obvious significance in the arrival of the new book.....the year is rushing past at top speed...Advent is on its way!
And after that.......oh dear!


  1. I have been using the large one in a file so that I can include rota's etc- interesting to see you changed to the small one- may just try that this year as all notes are kept separately for weddings etc. Perhaps a thin file for rota's and a small diary would be better.

    1. We do what suits us best I suppose....the notes for funerals, christenings and weddings are kept in separate books I can mostly find them when I need theory!

  2. I've been using the SPCK Pocket Book diary for several years. A different colour each year. Now the 2016 one has a very colourful cover indeed. I have to say that I preferred the plain covers, but progress is the way of the world.