Wednesday, 16 September 2015


I shall try to remember to watch Prime Ministers question time today.

It was something I always watched when I lived in Essex. I started to watch it before they changed the time to lunch it goes back along way. I would still prefer it during the afternoon though because I often forget that its on and anyway during the last ten years I was always in the kitchen preparing lunch!

This house with its idiosyncratic layout means that I have to climb the stairs...the television is in the sitting room which looks out onto the huge harbour of Falmouth! Somehow going up stairs in the middle of the day to watch the television feels I seldom do it ....or even remember to do it but today will be an exception.

I have seen the epic battles between Thatcher and Blair. Watched John Major struggling to be a Trollop speaking pedantic, cheered a cheeky Neil Kinnock and groaned only occasionally at Milliband.

So this is a habit I shall try to resume....but more often than not I forget it's on until it's all over!

I still don't know how I will react to Jeremy Corbin. I think I will be uttering a few short prayers that he doesn't fall flat on his face...and am hoping the speaker will take care of him a bit until he gets used to it but he is a parliamentarian who has been around for a long time...he knows the score.

I am hoping this spectator sport will serve him well.....I do not want to see a would be good to see this opportunity to question the Prime minister turn into something worthwhile....a genuine asking and answering of important questions by two people who respect each other....

A girl can only dream!

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