Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Populations on the move!

I had a long conversation yesterday with someone I like and trust.....We were talking about the refugee crisis and were both agreed that humanitarian concerns should be uppermost in our minds.

The dreadful stories of capsized boats,the dead child on the beach, the people suffocating to death in a lorry, all these have ensured that people with any sort of Christian ethic felt moved to help to alleviate suffering where ever possible. We applauded all those in our local community who have been concerned enough to send money and practical help to the camp in Calais where many people still wait their opportunity to cross the channel.

We had both offered help of various kinds and deplored those who were supporting the Britain first campaign we see posted every day on Facebook and Twitter.

Towards the end of the conversation we wondered if any of those we were happy to take in would become embedded in our communities when my friend said "Well of course, they will all be Muslms...they will need their own schools. "

This thought stopped us both in our tracks....we gazed at each other...

"We will be outnumbered eventually" she said slowly. The conversation stopped there....we didn't want to take the thought any further!

It has stayed with me though...an unwelcome visitor in my head...

I would be glad to hear other views on this one....please...

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