Sunday, 6 September 2015

Router problems.....

Awake in the middle of the night I tried to send an email....this is not usual for me but I thought I'd get it done whilst it was quiet. For the last two weeks my broadband has been very iffy! I have attributed this to the number of people using the Internet whilst visiting us.
This isn't going to wash tonight though. It's almost three in the morning! For years I have been told that I can't have superfast because of my isolation. Now it seems as if even that is dodgy! Unless all the children are up and using it it seems like another myth has been busted!
Yesterday I tried to fix it it. The phone is crackling but working...the BT bloke gave me instructions to send it back to factory settings and then gave up completely . There's no answer to my last tweet! Of course that might not be his fault..I might not have got through!
Morning has now broken and there is still no internet. I am doing the eight am this morning and I plan to leave the router unplugged in my absence.....but I'm really not holding my breath!
Cut off here would be serious for me! I do all my shopping on line! Quite apart from blogging and chatting....a friend has now lent me a different router......shhh so far so good!
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