Sunday, 6 September 2015

Strange Sunday!

Yesterday was a very odd day...

It started by my total failure to stablished any sort of broad band connection. After the early morning communion I asked if it was working well for everyone else, still convinced that most of my problems were the result of huge numbers of visitors here. It seemed that I was wrong....

A good friend rang me when I got home to ask if it was still not connected and then asked another friend to come and help. For this I was very grateful...and after an hour and a half of delving into dark corners, disturbing spiders, pushing plugs into rarely used sockets and finding old discarded routers hiding out in dark corners we failed to solve my problems...even trying a new unused router failed....there was no question...I had a faulty line.

Before he went he tried one last thing....he had brought an old router with him....and it worked! Leaving an hour later he told me not to even dust worked and this morning is still working!

After all this another old friend arrived and we went out for a drink.

It really is much quieter out there now! Before leaving me and my old router he asked me a burning question....was I going to vote for Jeremy?

I told him that I didn't have a vote. The man who asked me knew I had always been tending towards the left of politics and there was a certain glee in the way he asked me.

This is very odd....what ever your politics there is obviously great interest in the present Labour Party's difficulties and it's quite remarkable to watch old Party leaders lining up to denounce him...if he is so much of a threat he must have quite a lot going for him...

When I told my old friend that I'd gone green in my old age there was almost a sigh of relief.....

It was an odd day all round....and the ancient router is still working this morning.....the sun shines....God's in his heaven ...alleluia!



  1. Sometimes the ancient ones are the best :)

    1. We are still,talking about routers here?