Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Odd Couple.

Having listened to many of the comments on the Labour leadership election I find my self with a very strange mixture of feelings. I have long followed Tom Watson on Twitter and almost always agreed with his tweets....and I was glad to see him elected the deputy leader....and I also enjoyed the speech he made which struck the right notes for me of thanks and reconciliation.

I was also mildly surprised to find my self delighted that Jeremy Corbin had been elected...I had no vote having left the Labour Party after our invasion of Iraq but listening to Jeremy speak yesterday it felt almost like a coming home...back to the Labour Party I grew up with!

This may not play well with the electorate I realise and I'm sure the long knives are being sharpened as I type but for the moment any determined opposition to the Conservative social policies can only be good...

A return to proper socialist aspirations would make a very welcome change...I have never really felt comfortable with New Labour but that I'm afraid is evidence of my age rather than my politics!

We are in a very interesting phase of's got my attention anyway and I wish the newly elected odd couple's going to be a very interesting few years!



  1. Very much my views. We live in interesting times :-)

  2. I think that the disappointment with the General election outcome (and Labour's performance before it) has revitalised interest in socialist policies. But, I doubt if Labour can deliver. Mr Corbyn might have good idea's, but I see resentment from the back benches that the power to select their leader was taken away from them and given to the wider party. I see disunityand bickering ahead, which will only damage and dimnish him and the party.

    I will stick with the Green's, who have credible socialist politics, mixed with a real concern to protect the environment and for social action. They might be unelectable, but are not tainted in the way the three major parties are with corruption and scandal and self interest.