Saturday, 19 September 2015

Till it happens to you.

In all the various accounts of what is happening in the Isis war it is the use of sexual violence I find most shocking. Women used as trophies taken as spoils of war is a recurring theme.

Like most women of my age I have tried not to let my mind go in this direction beyond a sense of disgust but it is becoming obvious that sexual violence plays a part in many different ways that until recently I believed rare.

Listening to a new song by Lady Gaga has introduced me to a new concept. "Til it happens to you" is a song written about violence in campuses in America where one in five young women are said to experience it. There is a very graphic video released on Utube called "The Hunting grounds" by Veevo. I'm afraid I haven't given the link but it shouldn't be hard to find....

It covers the feeling of worthlessness by the victims and the shared attempt to rehabilitate those whose lives have been wrecked by violence.

That it is violence in place of human love is the most shocking part of the whole thing...the ultimate act of love between two people turned into a violently destructive act.

It has never happened to me thank God but I pray for all those male and female, young and old, rich and poor for whom it is a daily shame and pain....and well done Lady Gaga for bringing it to the notice of people like me whose lives are untouched by this hideous perversion of love.

I would rather not have known about it but it's happening in our greater numbers every day...and all I can do is pray and ask you to pray too...

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