Monday, 19 October 2015

Are you called Geoff?

This time tomorrow morning I will be on my way to the next adventure....getting all my ducks in a row is the object for the day! E tickets, passport, all the paper work have already been checked several times and I suspect that during the day I will be doing it again more than once. ...neurosis is setting in rapidly.

I am packed...more or less. The big suitcase was transported down stairs yesterday via the stair lift! It's just the smaller stuff today.....pills, shampoo, shoes and bags have all to be organised!

I am definately becoming neurotic trying to think of everything! Several times over!

I had a particularly daft thought yesterday.

Before going off last time a friend asked me to look out for two of his friends who would be on the same boat! So I did. Every time I spotted a couple of chaps sitting alone I approached them asking if one of them was called Geoff!

None were so this search went on till the last night! I had asked various of the blokes to look out for me too and so every evening I met a variety of chaps. None of them were called Geoff!

This search was not made me several new was amazing how many of the male couples had been teachers in real life! The pair who were currently the church wardens of their local church were a joy to have a drink with of an evening!

I never found Geoff I'm afraid. But I did find every gay man on the boat! Great fun!

So it occurs to me that as a ploy to make safe new friends it might serve me well on this forth coming outing!

Perhaps Geoff could be found on this next boat!

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