Saturday, 31 October 2015

Back to the Med!

We are now heading out of the Adriatic sea and back to the Med. I loved this small bit of the has been my first time here and I hope not my last.

I am having a wonderful holiday but am aware that I'm not the woman I once was. Don't all shriek at once!

I have lost a certain amount of confidence in myself! Yesterday I turned down an opportunity I would have jumped at a few years ago because I wasn't sure I could find my way back to the ship in time for sailing!

There have been other examples too numerous to mention but the good news is that I am making good friends along the way!

I have been fortunate in finding good conversationalists. A man I talk to a lot is my complete opposite in every way. We should not get on and yet we do with a great deal of laughter in the bargain...

Some of the people I'm meeting now are going to stay in touch when we get some did from the Fred boat earlier this year....I enjoy this...too much time lamenting is not good for any of us.

Thank goodness nearly everyone on board this trip are Brits so communication is easy and flowing....I find people to talk to as I drift along and the conversations are good! Amongst the single travellers are a complete mixture of people, young, old, fit, creaking, dull and enterprising. I love them all...travelling alone has opened up channels of communication not possible when I was half of a couple...

The weather we are told has been exceptionally kind to us...a lot of sun, calm seas and no rain...

By morning the picture will have changed completely but that is the nature of cruising!

Having written that last night I can now report heavy seas! We will have to use the grab rails today!

The Service conducted by the captain will be interesting, followed by a talk from Edwina Curry! OK!

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