Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Dubrovnik today!

Another day and another visit! My day in Corfu was supposed to be leisurely. Ha! After climbing in and out of the coach several times the glorious scenery passing us by became irrelevant....if I ever go there again I want to stay a while. It's truly glorious!

Today is Dubrovnik. I once taught a girl from Croatia and she told me how beautiful it was after I had taken the girls swimming in the public baths and she proved to be a wonderful swimmer!

I just am not sure if I can keep up this pace. My best friend on board does not travel far from the boat and I can see why now for the first time but

I can not stay home . I have to try to see everything . It's in my inquisitive nature but I know that I shall really enjoy the next sea day!

In the past , travelling far afield, sea days have been intertwined with port days but on this one it's a different port every day! At dinner last night everyone said that of course we don't always have to get off. We can wave at it all from the comfort of a deck chair!

I haven't done much shopping either. So it's not all bad news. We are easing our way gently into port. It looks beautiful and we are told that the damage done to property during the fairly recent war is now repaired...

My body is telling me to rest. My head is counselling ........get up and go!

It remains to be seen which of them will win!

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