Saturday, 17 October 2015

Finding the divine!

Yesterday I attended a Quiet Day in my nearest church. The sun shone and there were people I knew well with visitors from far flung Cornish towns.

The theme was finding the divine through art. The leader was an artist who had brought one of his tranquil pictures of sea lapping on a pebbly beach. It was very beautiful.

I didn't really need a quiet day though. Every day at TregearVean is quiet. Peace comes dropping slow.

It was a good day . I met several new people and some old friends including someone I'd met on our ordination retreat many years addresses were exchanged...

I spent time with both my daughter's grave and my husbands....this was not in any way gloomy and I found myself thinking as I looked out at the creek that here was where I too would spend eternity... . As I sat I noticed a small yellow flower! A tiny primrose was out!

This was a real unseasonal tiny miracle...a primrose close to what will one day be my grave....

Following the theme of the day, I found the divine in the shape of a delicate pale primrose in flower in October.

A gift from God I treasure. Thank you God!


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