Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Green versus khaki!

Osbourne wants to slash the solar industry. He has unveiled plans to cut the subsidies to those who are thinking of installing solar tiles on their roof. It's no secret that I have already got those tiles they are very visible from the road outside, so I am a person who has already enjoyed the subsidy!

But it's not to do with who gets the tiles. It's to do with dismantling the industry that has grown in order to carry this initiative forward.

It is I believe vital that renewable sources of energy are used more and more and wind and sun provide huge boosts to the energy industry. Green energy must be better than for instance fracking which this government seems keen to foster. Why? Whose making money from it?

I am green, no argument there in several of its shades.....but if we are to keep this wonderful planet safe for our children's children we have to start now...we can't afford to rely on fossil fuel .....energy that renews itself like solar , wind and tide are going to save this planet if it's not already too late.

On a practical note the return I get for the electricity generated by the tiles on the roof more than pays for the power that I use... It even goes a long way towards the oil for the heating system...even when it's working properly.

Don't let the chancellor go brown....or even a rather murky khaki.


  1. Two blogs in a day is excessive, sorry but as I'm travellng tomorrow there won't be time! Plus it takes a day for the Internet to get started on board a boat!

  2. Enjoy your trip Jean and resume your discourse on sustainable energy on your return. At least you won't have to watch the Chancellor as he does his about-face with solar energy.
    Personally I don't care what colour he turns if it leads to his early resignation. :-)

  3. That decision is typical of an incompetent short termism government. Undoing the good things that Labour did, on the grounds of political expediency. This is about getting more income from VAT on installations and a short sighted view of the future of the planet. What should we expect from a government by the monied and privileged political elite. The old school boy relationships are back in power and are desperate to hold on to it. Divide and rule seems to be their policy and punish anyone who might remotely think of voting for an opposition party.

    George and Dangerous Dave has done more damage to this country in the past six years than labour did in 13 years of mis-management of the economy.

    Come the revolution......