Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lucky dip visiting...

Yesterday we did Scicily. Today it's Greece! We are approaching Corfu as I type! This way of dipping in and out of countries is very tiring and not really all that revealing.....this is my first cruise of this nature and although I am enjoying it I have to say that I need to spend more time in the various places.

Sicily reminded me of Madeira with its terraced fields and hill tops. A wonderful statue standing huge and magestic was a sainted lady conferring a blessing on the town!

I am not booked on a trip till much later today...so I have the luxury of not having to get up early and dash about!

On the trip yesterday we were taken for coffee and cookies to a grand hotel..and then we went up the slopes of Mt Etna where the usual,street sellers were selling trinkets and various creams. I bought some pistachio cream....

One lady declared in a loud voice that we had been given no opportunity to spend money! This was true. Husbands everywhere rejoice!

I have made several friends...male and female...there is something about a cruise which throws people together in a very agreeable way..and you meet folk you'd never bump into at home!

The coast line of Corfu is now visible from my bed....time to start moving! See you on the other side!

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