Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Not a Tory!

We are making good progress, currently off the French coast! It's quite rough..there have been some bumps in the night and as yet it's too dark to go out onto the balcony.

At supper last night we discovered we were on a singles table with one couple afixed!

Some seats were empty but may be filled next time!

Everyone was chatty, I shall never remember their names but it was a good start to the cruise....

I talked to everyone as is my wont and the meal was excellent...

Today is a sea day! I am hoping to walk the deck later !

We moved the hour on last night but I afraid my Apple Watch is not playing with that one..its interesting to see it slowly adjusting its settings...we are defiantly not in Canvas any more! Or Cornwall either!

After a longish chat with the woman next to me she said I reminded her of someone on the TV and racked her brains to think of the name. Finally she got it! Anne Widdicome! What? Surely not!

"But she's a Tory " I said aghast!

I have obviously got to work on my image!

So far so good! It remains to be seen if I can get this posted!


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  1. Interesting that someone so radical could be mistaken for a Tory?

    We had a funeral this week of a former Labour councilor and Mayor of our borough. The place was packed as the widow decided to hold the wake in Church, a novelty, but lovely decision.

    As group of councilors stood around chatting, I said to them this is more like a constituency meeting than a wake - they laughed. I had to point out that as a Green Party member we were further left than Jeremy Corbyn, which gained another laugh.

    But serious point, those same councilors praised Mr Corbyn, that might be that they've been out of power in the borough now for the last ten years and lost more of their seats to UKIP on the last local elections.

    However, too even things up, thee were also 10 Tory councilors there for the funeral, so cross party rivalry, doesn't stop compassion.