Saturday, 31 October 2015

Nowt so queer as folk!

As I sit waiting to go out into the glory that is Venice I am in a beautiful ball room full of people also awaiting the call....

Once more I am struck by the difference in people. Those who are happy to wait, those who feel the need to instruct everyone else on how do the waiting and those who find fault with everyone else they come into contact with. There seem to be a remarkable number of those on board!

I'm afraid I joined that category briefly this morning at breakfast.

We were a small group who had never met before eating together before a full day out! We all joked about the sheer size of the meals . One lady then lectured us all on how to address the waiters in order to get smaller portions.

After having sorted us all out she then turned to the laundry arrangements. I was keeping quiet until addressed directly. "Have you used the washing machine yet ?" I hadn't. I explained that I sent my stuff to be washed and ironed by the laundry on board.

"That's just a waste of money' " she then tried to explain the various machines available to the public . I'm afraid that at that point I became naughty.

"I don't pay much for my laundry," I said.

"Don't be costs a waste of money"

I beamed and I regret that I enjoyed the next sentence. " I get my laundry very cheap as a diamond member.!"

Oh dear...collapse of stout party so everyone else laughed. I am sorry to say that I enjoyed her discomforture.

Otherwise it is a celebration of the human spirit as I watch us all in various degrees of decrepitude struggling with long walks, difficult climbs and the attempt to understand the complications of travel. Above all is the knowledge of just how lucky we all are. Thank you God!


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