Wednesday, 21 October 2015

On board....again

We are safely embarked and it is all very familiar. This is the ship David and I spent the most time on with three world trips....and his shade is everywhere.

I've just seen a man who looked just like him from behind...even to the way he walked and what he was wearing....this is going to be a tough trip!

No familiar faces as yet but there is often someone! I now wait to see!

Not much has changed since my last visit but we have two sea days to acclimatise ...having got through the dreaded life jacket session!

It should be much warmer on deck tomorrow. We are sailing south!

I am afraid that I've picked a bad date to do all this on....tomorrow was my daughters birthday and the anniversary of my sons death...but I am not going to get morbid....and I am hoping the the Bay of Biscay isn't going to be too bumpy!


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