Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Puter problems.....

The new IOS system that I installed earlier this week is having some strange problems....not least as they affect the blog!
I usually write on Blogsy and do what was a simple transfer to Twitter . This has worked well for me until El Capitan took over my iPad....
Now, assuming I've posted I find that my blog has quite simply disappeared. It has gone somewhere in the stratosphere. It then takes another two attempts to get it published.
This is not the end of the world, it's just annoying!
Apple do seem to be aware of several different problems as I have now had two updates within the first week of using it!
On my lap top it seems to work fact it has a delicate pretty
look...but some frustrations occur there trying to find my old photographs and finding that they are unavailable until I download a new app...which is also unavailable. I then found the photographs under a new pretty picture icon.
Lots of the new features have been borrowed from the iPad I am getting to grips with them fairly easily! So far!
The next test is coming I try to post this on Twitter...fingers crossed..

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