Thursday, 22 October 2015

Taking steps slowly!

We are sailing down the coast of is already much warmer. And ..slowly I am getting to grips with my fellow passengers.

I met a couple of very lively girls yesterday morning at the .welcome for single travellers. One of them had been everywhere and was very interesting. The other one was on her maiden trip and was intent on doing everything! To this end she took me dancing! The class were learning the joys of the cha cha cha!

I managed the basic steps but sat down when we got to the New Yorker!

There are things happening every day now for us singles. I'm not sure how many of them I'll manage but it's fun trying!

The only lecture so far was delivered by a Cunard young man who simply reeled off facts and figures about where the outings at the next stop are going!

However we have another sea day first and there's still a lot to come to grips with.

The sea is flat calm, the sun was out yesterday and there's a lot to do but I may give up dancing classes.

The choice is endless .

I only walked the deck once yesterday but I intend to spend more time outside today...three times round is almost a mile and better gentle exercise than doing the cha cha cha!


  1. Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha oh dear. Reminds me of my dancing days with my spouse.

    Not sure that I could cope with a cruise - all of those keen, Earnest young people, coaxing me out of my comfort zone. I played table tennis or 2 hours last night - that exercise will do me for a couple of days.

    Mabybe a table tennis cruise should be offered......

  2. I suppose you could always cha cha cha round the deck if you want to be really fit Might have to be under the cover of darkness though.:-)