Sunday, 18 October 2015

Travelling again!

I am going off on another adventure this week....I have to get on with the packing...
This time there is a very real feeling of Nero fiddling whilst Rome burns...
I booked this trip months was already in my diary when I decided to go on the Fred Olsen boat this summer!
Since then the whole world picture has changed radically.
I explained to a friend yesterday that having something to look forward to is vital whilst dealing with bereavement, that learning how to travel alone is necessary when you've always travelled as part of a couple...
When the first David died I brought my caravan to Cornwall and left it on a permenent site. I settled into a routine travelling between Essex and Cornwall right through the year until I finally moved here permanently...
Now I am following a similar pattern set up by the second David.
However I do have a social conscience. I worry about the mass of refugees, the war started by Isis, the people stranded in dreadful conditions as winter approaches...
Packing is not on this occasion full of joyful anticipation...there is no "getting away from it all"
I always worry about whether I've got all my ducks in a row anyway. This time I am far too aware of the blighted social conditions existing around the I am packing with mixed feelings...there is no feeling of euphoria as yet...
I expect it will creep up on me eventually.


  1. Enjoy your break! That's an interesting comment about how the importance of having something to look forward to in bereavement and learning how to travel alone when you are used to being part of a couple. It's caused me to make a mental note that if (or more likely when) I am widowed and providing I am still capable I will book myself into special interest holidays rather than avoid travelling.

  2. I think that you're brave and entirely right about the need to have something to look forward too and the ability to travel alone. I suspect that I've have been fortunate to not be in your situation and thank God for that.

    But I know that I'd really miss the love and companionship of my spouse if anything happened - which makes the stuff going on today about over 55's using internet dating a bit of an oxymoron for me.

    But BBCRadio Kent had some moving stores alongside the trivia. So, there is hope for everyone.

  3. You are so right Jean. I have travelled a lot this year and am now in the Lake District with my Grandson Max. This is my last look forward to trip. It will be interesting how I feel when I get home. Learning to travel alone can be stressful it was my first long rail journey to get here and not a pleasant one but I learnt a lot and hopefully the journey home today will be a lot less stressful. Enjoy your break. And be like me read less newspapers