Sunday, 4 October 2015


Till yesterday every time I switched on my newest lap top it told me there was an update waiting. This has been going on since the few months when I looked after David and when I was in no state of mind to play at computers. So this has been going on for almost two years!

I have got used to just pinging it off the screen but yesterday I didn't...I thought I might just as well do it!

It took seven hours to download . In this time I had gone out for a cream tea, had sat in the sunshine with my hat on and nattered .

Going home I was relieved to find the new system had had taken eight hours!

The next bit was to install....and here we go again...another half an hour of life I'll never get back!

I am now telling myself off for having been so stupid in the first place...the system worked perfectly well and it has to be something special to have spent all day downloading...

If I don't like it there is no mechanism for sending it back to the way it was........

Whilst I was out I talked to the young man who converted me into an Apple freak. He immediately spotted the Apple Watch on my wrist and grinned happily...all his advice had born fruit....

"Another 12 minutes remaining" it said on my screen...


That was just the first indication that we were not yet ready to be a computer. No less than three more periods of installing stuff ensued!

Finally it was done! I switched it on to find I had passwords to feed it with....the final insult was when it demanded my AOL password . I haven't been with AOL for at least eight years!

I decided my blood pressure needed no more raising...and left it alone.... I shall tackle it this morning after its had a nice sleep....but take heed all those who have a Mac book pro..the latest IOs system takes no prisoners!


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