Sunday, 8 November 2015

Back to reality!

Cruise euphoria gave way last night to an upset tummy!

The culprit could only be a Cornish Pasty bought on the way home I today I am not feeling quite up to solving all my usual problems...

Will my car start? Will the men arrive to sort out my heating? Who do I contact about a damp patch on an inside wall?

It was a wonderful holiday but it's back to work today...

Yesterday a stroll around my garden revealed at least forty mole hills....the little dears have had a wonderful holiday of their own, I am revising my decision not to actually kill the little sweeties . Concreting the entire garden seems a little extreme!

Mole hills apart the garden is still full of glorious colour...fruit hanging off trees need to be picked soon...

The kumquats in the porch have increased in my absence and now is the time to admit that the kumkwat liqueur I bought on the cruise was so bad that I left the half empty bottle in my cabin for my my steward! It was very very sweet!

I am now out of the bubble....back to work...but still with a broad smile on my face....It was a great trip!




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