Thursday, 5 November 2015

Blokes and laughter!

Tomorrow is our last day on board so it's a packing day! Tonight we have the last formal evening...
I have come to realise, somewhat late in life that I am an unredeemed collector of blokes...
On the Fred boat I spent far too much of my time with the "lad from Blackpool" who spoke the same basic language and made me laugh!
On this boat I have collected a man from a different hemisphere...who has made me laugh more than I ever thought possible...
There is clearly a recurring theme evident here....and the message is that laughter is important!
I have been at great pains to point out to the people on my table as they raise their eyebrows that this is a meeting of minds rather than bodies...the fact that this is true seems to convince no one...but that's their problem not mine..
Finding people to eat with, go to lectures with and natter with is an important part of cruising...and I have had this in spades on this trip...
The wind has got up...we have still to tackle the infamous Bay but I am still having a very good time!

1 comment:

  1. Really glad that you have enjoyed the cruise. It's been interesting reading the blogs.
    Don't worry about collecting blokes, it is just fun for all concerned and helps make the world go around.
    Enjoy the last day or so, and then start collecting blokes (and birds) when you get back home :-) :-)