Friday, 13 November 2015

Days to remember!

Waking up to another black day in Paris I am still posting this in some hope that one day we will achieve a world equilibrium of peace .

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary. It still is despite there being only one of us left. I am choosing to remember it with joy and gratitude...

When we got engaged David and I were busy in several different churches. We decided to marry as quietly as possible so it was arranged for a Monday morning. The only guests were the fellow church wardens!

My friend Julia did the old service for us, the one we had grown up with!

A retired priest from the village gave me away and a fellow warden was David's best man!

The sun shone bright. The organist played " Here comes the bride"

Afterwards we went to a lovely hotel which has a terrace bordering the sea. We drank pink champagne in glorious sunshine!

That evening we had a PCC meeting where more champagne was produced and consumed with a great deal of jollity. We ended the meeting very quickly!

These memories now are wonderful. Only a little bitter sweet because the years after that are also filled with magical memories!

You left me too soon David but I thank God for all the wonderful memories of our shared love!


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