Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Gib panorama!

Today is the last of our days ashore....we are almost docked in Gibraltar . I have booked a tour called Panarama with English tea! I have no idea what that means! I clearly booked my tours several weeks ago in a haze!

It's been a good trip and after we get back I shall remember this one with great pleasure I think....

The table has been a very good thing! We all get on well unlike the singles table on the first sitting which apparently had to be split up after a row between several of the ladies!

We had none of that! There are almost as many men as women. I have talked to them all jointly or singly and we all get on! thank goodness.

It's dark outside. I've been out onto my balcony in my nightie and it's warm...

What ever the Gib panorama proves to be it will be a good last trip!


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