Sunday, 29 November 2015

Global warming denied?

I have two friends who deny global warming . They are good friends and are both highly intelligent with some very persuasive arguments to back up their assertions.
They both tell of the Sahara once green and productive. Numerous tales of icebergs in odd places come my way regularly. Neither of these ladies have met each other. The only common denominator is me.
I am jumped on fairly regularly by both of them when I talk "green"
Their contention is that we are just going through a regular cycle of the earth warming up before going into another ice age eons away. Both ladies are just as passionate in their assertions as I am in my green sermons!
The problem is that they are very persuasive. When they talk of similar warming in the distant past they can back up their assertions with lots of facts and figures...
So I listen.
I am not persuaded by either of them but have to admit that they do make sense.
The bottom line here is that all I do know is that we are the custodians of this glorious planet and that it is up to us to take care of it and leave it in good shape for future generations. Cutting carbon emissions is a sensible step in this. Using energy that can be renewed, either solar or wind makes complete sense to me so I wish the meeting in Paris this week well. I hope they come up with some truly green solutions even if my friends assert that we don't really need to!
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