Monday, 9 November 2015

Here we go again......

Yesterday was just one of those days. I tried to write it off as no problem but somehow I failed to convince myself!

I felt a little unwell after a night of getting up and down but nothing too bad! I nattered half the morning away with a friend. Got a plan worked out for all the things I have to get through to get my life back to normal . But none of it has worked!

My car refused to start , not an unusual event after time away but somehow I wasn't expecting it!

My cleaner put some letters in the post for me and then I made lunch. It is still waiting to be eaten! I just couldn't even look at it.,

Putting all my cruise gear away I realised that I'd be getting it all out again before too halted!

My heating is not good so I tried a little bleeding. The radiators not me. Not therapeutic.

Nothing actually is working properly right now including me!

I expect it's only post cruise depression.... Is there a name for that do you think?

It is blowing so hard outside that retrieving the bins almost got me knocked over again. The thing knocking at my front door was a fallen tree! Good to be home! Beam me up Scotty!

Shortly after writing all that some kind soul sent me a link to "Sexy Glam" oh dear! It's really not my day!


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  1. Not sure there is a name for post-Cruise depression, apart from a lingering longing for what was and now isn't. The trials of life, which normally are a nuisance, are magnified by that disappointment.

    What you need is a real tonic - maybe with some gin in it :)