Saturday, 7 November 2015


Coming home was simply wonderful yesterday. The colours of Autumn shone around us as we sped through Dorset, Devon and finally reached Cornwall.

It felt more like coming home than ever before.

I imagine there's been a lot of rain in my absence because some of the fields were coloured in the sort of bright green usually only seen in Spring.

Out of one bubble into another one!

The sun shone all the way coincided with my mood!

I celebrated by turning on the heating. It wasn't really cold but I needed to know that I could have a warm house if I needed it!

Later speaking to a good friend I realised that part of the bubble had followed me home.

She was amazed by how often I laughed! Apparently I have now returned to my old personality...the one I lived in before losing all my loved ones....

" Girlish laughter" she exclaimed. " No ones heard that from you for a very long time! "

A wonderful holiday, new friends, old friends .....

So now I have to unpack, return to some sort of normality and plan the next great escape! God willing!

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