Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Tomorrow I will have no electricity supply to the house. This on top of the fact that one of my remaining radiators has gone cold now only reinforces the view that life has got it in for me!
I had a letter telling me that the power would be switched off some time ago. The letter contained the line "in order to connect new properties in the area!"
I sat on this information during my recent holiday but finally got round to enquiring , "What new properties? "
There are no new buildings for miles.
I was told indeed there were no new properties but it was a generic letter sent out to cover the power failure.
Oh dear! They are putting in a new generator which they say will make my supply more reliable during the winter when we are prone to sudden cuts!
Fine....nothing wrong with that but maybe it would have been better to do it during the summer?
I'm now making plans. The Everhot cooker will be turned up to high...pans of water left all night so I can have hot drinks and hot water bottles! A siege mentality is advancing rapidly...
My mobile phone will still work . Everything else will be charged fully during the night. My car will take me out for lunch....hopefully.
In the greater scheme of things it is but a blip...a minor inconvenience that I can surely deal with!

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