Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Morning tea!

We are on the last leg home more wonderful places to explore , gush over, or exclaim loudly about! This mornings tour was quite simply the weirdest yet!

After cruising around busy streets packed with History we went for what was billed as English tea! And it was with dainty sandwiches, pretty cakes and a cream tea.... The trouble was we had it at eleven in the morning! At a very grand hotel which clearly catered for the rich and famous we were ushered into a wonderful room with a whole wall depicting the gory scenes of the Battle of Trafalgar where a typical afternoon tea awaited us!

Whilst eating the tea we were treated to the story of Nelsons death after which he was sent home in a barrel of brandy to preserve it for burial...the end of that story was that once he'd been decanted his men drank the brandy...waste not want not!

We did see some Barbarry apes en route plus the biggest, whitest mosque I've ever seen!

Getting home we set sail and then went for lunch...trying to explain that only two hours earlier we had had a cream tea! I don't know why everyone was so sceptical....strange things do still happen at sea....

We have two more days before reaching home...during which time there is still a great deal to blog about!

My new friends are very interesting!

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