Friday, 6 November 2015

Out of the bubble!

Last day at sea...crossing the Bay was a doddle...but we have yet to get to the grand unloading!

I am one of the first off and it all worked wonderfully well last time...but O2 have once again nobbled my phone....this is very annoying because I have never quibbled over paying my bills even if they have mounted it my fault if I enjoyed having 4G too much in the first couple of days?

The great joy of cruising is the wonderful collection of diverse people on board!

I have talked with so many different races, colours and creeds that I marvel at the huge differences that bind us together in our inherent humanity .

On our lunch table today were a couple from Scotland who lived close to where I used to take my children .

Another apparently Australian couple had started out in Leeds!

All human life is here and a testimony to the courage and determination of the human race to explore and enjoy itself....

We are all a fortunate collection of people if we can afford to cruise but for any single person contemplating it I can say that I have chatted around the decks with everyone I met! No one has been unpleasant or standoffish.. And there has been an amazing amount of laughter. Tonight we will do the ritual change of Email addresses. Not everyone will want to keep in touch but some will and for that I am grateful! At my age acquiring new friends can only be a good thing. ..and some of these are definately keepers!

Next time I blog it will be from the other side....out of my bubble as the current bloke puts it!

It's been a warm welcoming bubble but it will be good to get home. I am still a very fortunate woman!

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