Thursday, 26 November 2015

Parliamentary debates.

Yesterday's speech by the Chancellor of the exchequer was very weird. Leaving alone it's context here was a man clearly enjoying himself! The upbeat message that we have abandoned austerity came after an historic defeat for one of his proposals when the House of Lords voted out his tax credit proposals.

That this must have been an upset, I fully understand but the way this is now playing out is very odd!

Clearly this was a bid for the next big job, the ultimate promotion to Prime Minister!

We shall see!

The speech then made by the shadow chancellor was just as strange when he produced the little red book of Chairman Mao whilst Jeremy Corbyn sat in silence at his side.....

So many men of ambition....creating what sounded almost like a carnival atmosphere!

Today then we have the antidote.....the prime minister will try to persuade the house that bombing Syria is necessary.

It is in danger of apparently becoming a macabre joke... One day we are told that we are now a rich nation again despite still being in massive debt . The next we are being asked if we consent to our government dropping bombs on a war torn country whose population is already fleeing to become refugees in Europe!

Like many other people I am not sure where I stand on this subject.

I was against our assault on Iraq and believe that this sowed the seeds of the hatred of young militant Muslims which is responsible for our present situation. I do though see why something has to be done. I just don't know what!

This week has been riveting in our parliament. I will be watching the next few days with interest and prayer...that somehow we are guided along the right path. Which ever that may be!

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  1. And you missed the shenanigans at General Synod?

    The elephant in the room on Tax Credits is the new, Universal Credit, which will be fully implemented across the nation by 2018. This replaces Tax Credits and a host of other benefits, but and it's a bit but, new claimants for Universal Credit, won't be eligible for Tax Credits, which are abolished. So, any current tax credit claimant, might lose out in the longer run. And as this legislation has already gone through Parliament in the Health and Social care bill, it will happen as planned.

    George Osborne set the whole thing up as a stunt, so that he could be seen to be caring by abandoning it when it had caused a big row and he could blame IDS and become the chief contender for PM, when DC goes of on the lucrative lecture tour.

    And speaking of DC, he's trying to be a Tony Blair, knowing that he needs a good war under his belt, to pave his way on the US lecture tours.